Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ballroom Eye Makeup Inspiration- I love fake lashes

Today's Ballroom Eye Makeup Inspiration is all about my love for fake eyelashes.  If you have never tried them, you are missing out!  When I wear false lashes, it reminds me of lingerie for my eyes.

Lashes come in many different styles and sizes.  Some are better for daytime, others are perfect for a sexy date, and there are some really fun, flashy ones that are great on the dance floor.

A great way to experiment with lashes is to go to your local MAC counter.  After you purchase a set of lashes, they will put them on you for free, and teach you how to put them on yourself.   Once the lashes are on properly, they shouldn't be irritating or uncomfortable.

Helpful hint #1:  Once I get the lashes on, while the glue is still tacky, I use the bottom of my tweezers to push them down closer to my lash line.  Don't use the sharp end though. :)

Helpful hint #2:Place your finger behind the lashes and apply another coat of mascara.  It will help blend your lashes into the false lashes.  Make sure the glue is completely dry first.

Putting on lashes can get really frustrating, so be patient with yourself.  Practice makes perfect.  Here are a few more tips for lash application...

  • Trim the lashes to fit your natural lash line. 
    • Apply a dark liner first, to help hide the seam.  
      • Wait 20-30 seconds, after you apply the glue, to put the lashes on. You want the glue to be tacky.
      • Once they are in place, don't touch them until the glue is completely dry.
      • I love using MAC's Penultimate liquid eyeliner to draw over the lash seam.  (See the pic above)  You shouldn't be able to tell where the seam ends.  


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