Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Inspiring

"Your life is your message to the world.

Make sure it's inspiring."

A few years ago, I wrote a list of the things that I'm most afraid of.  Why?  Because I was tired of being afraid.  I wanted to turn something negative into something positive.  A strength.

Number one:  Needles.  Injections/vaccines/IVs... I'm not just talking get a little squeamish and pale.  No.  I'm talking evading a nurse for an hour and a half while insulting her.  (Seriously, I had to go back and apologize.)  Getting cavities filled without Novocain.  No shot was to come within 50 yards of me.   For me it wasn't about the pain, it was more about the trust.  Doctors always had to hold me down or trick me, and I lost my sense of control.  I knew one day, if I didn't get over my fear, I'd be risking my health, and maybe even my life.  So first on the list...  I was going to tackle my fear of shots.

I started with acupuncture.  Small steps.  It was like a spa treatment, relaxing and healing.  I found an amazing naturopath/acupuncturist that over the course of two years helped me slowly gain control and trust back. And long story short, at the age of 25 I finally let her take my blood.  One of the most empowering moments of my life.

Fear number two:  Singing solos in front of people.  How I survived at a school for musical theater is beyond me.  Singing in front of people freaks me out.  When I'm dancing, and mess up, my partner knows, maybe a judge catches it, but most people don't see a mistake.  Everyone can tell when a singer misses a note or goes flat.  You're vulnerable.  For me, it scary sharing that part of myself with someone else.

First step, I enrolled in private voice lessons.  I took lessons once a week, and eventually invited one of my family members to a lesson to listen.  Will I sing in front of people outside of a classroom setting?  No,  not yet, but it's a work in progress. I love singing and I love learning.  Now it's just a matter of getting that little bit of confidence to take the next step.

What is the point of talking about my fears?

The point is we are all afraid of something and it holds us back.  Public speaking, failure, the unknown, heights, competition, small spaces, open water... the list goes on.

The quote says, "Your life is a message to the world.  Make it inspiring."

Do you want your message to be one of boundaries and safe zones?  Or do you want your message to be one of perseverance and over coming personal obstacles?

Write down a list of your fears, and find small ways to start conquering them.  Keep pushing yourself.  Be your own inspiration.


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