Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ballroom Hair- Secret of the Pros

When I first started competing I was so intimidated by the crazy updos that I chopped all of my hair off.  Seriously, I went from almost chest length to...

ballroom hair ideas
My Platinum Pixie

It was fun, but pixie cuts are sooo high maintenance.  If I went too long without a hair cut, it looked like a mullet.  Not so hot.   So I started growing it out on purpose, working with my hair stylist to make it look as good as possible each step of the way.

Once it grew below my chin, I had no clue what to do with it.  One of our coaches suggested a hair piece, a longer ponytail I could attach to my hair and then style in a bun.  That worked for a while, but I wanted to graduate to something fancier.  I curled random pieces of hair and styled them into designs, but it was time consuming, and my hair didn't always want to cooperate with me.

Then another coach sent me to H for Hair, a site online that specializes in ballroom updos.  It's amazing! Tons of elaborate hair styles without any of the work.  Brilliant!

ballroom hair updos ideas
ballroom dancing hairstyles hair ideas

The site isn't the easiest to navigate, but the customer service is great if you have any questions.   It is based out of Japan, but it's in English.

First, find the link for "chignons".  As far as I know, all of the styles can be any hair color.  If you want additional curly cues, click on "front pieces".

My Advice:

  • Once you get it, do a trial run before an event.  It takes a little time to get used to pinning it on, but once you get used to it, it goes really fast. 
  • It came with rubber cement.  I used it the first time, and hated it.  That's just me personally.  I used more pins in its place. 
  • Make a small bun with your hair, and then place the hair piece over the bun. 
  • Try to hook the pins through the inner net for extra hold. 
  • Important- Match the pins to your hair color!!
  • Shake your head around, flip upside down... make sure it's not going anywhere! Bring extra pins to the event, just in case.  

ballroom hair tricks ideas tips
My chignon. 

It's a little hard to see in the picture, but I loved how it turned out.   What a time saver!!  I hope I lifted a little competition stress off of your shoulders.  There is enough to worry about, hair and makeup shouldn't be on the list.  

Let me know if you have any questions! 



  1. i have searched for a perfect hair piece everywhere!! does this company ship to the us? and does the hair piece stay on well?
    thank you!!!!

  2. They ship to the U.S. and their customer service is great. They stayed in contact with me through the whole process. Highly recommend them! I was sooo happy when I was told about this site. I don't know why competitions don't have hair piece vendors.